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About Us

We established our first home in 2003 when we realised that there was a serious shortage of reliable and affordable nursing care centres in Johor Bahru. There were less than 30 care centres back then, facilitating Johor Bahru's population of approximately 497,000. Modern families with two working parents were struggling to find assistance for their elderly who need professional help with their daily activities. Patients discharged from hospitals who need further rehabilitation care were unable to get the attention they needed. Choices were not aplenty, and many had to settle with what was available.

We aspire to be a service and solution provider, to provide care to your loved ones and help you tide through this period of uncertainty. Our focus is to provide a homely environment where your loved ones feel comfortable and hopefully recover. Nothing fancy, but reliable.

Core Values


Our residents are our extended families and we will care for them like how we will for our own.


As a member of the community and a socially responsible business entity, we are transparent in our operations. 


The quality of being free from deceit, pretense and hypocrisy.

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