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  • How many hours is a home care session?
    A home care session normally lasts for 10 hours. The day session begins from 8am till 6pm, while the night session is from 8pm till 6am. Shorter hourly sessions are available too and can be customised to suit you and your family's needs.
  • Do you provide flexibility in the hours and timings of your service?
    We try our best to fit our service into your schedule. This does depend on the availability of our nurses and caregivers. Please do drop us an email or call so we may work out an arrangement with you.
  • What is your area of coverage?
    We currently operate in Johor Bahru, Johor are only limit our services to this area. We find that by doing so in our current scale, we are better equiped to consistently monitor our service quality and ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Are the caregivers and nurses fully employed with you?
    We provide both fully employed and contractual caregivers and nurses. Their employment status are viewable at the Profiles page. We practice transparency and hope that this well help you in your decision making process in selecting a suitable aide for your family.
  • I do not know whom to select. Can you provide me with a recommendation?
    Yes, we will gladly do so. In fact, we strongly recommend it as we are more familiar with the caregivers and nurses' characters and capabilities. Please drop us an email or call and share with us your requirements.
  • Is your service costly?
    Our fees are designed with affordability and quality in mind, with the aim of striking a perfect balance between the two. While home nursing is generally costlier as compared to checking in at your local nursing home, we are consistently comparing our fees with our peers to ensure that we provide you with the most reasonable charge.
  • Do I need to be a qualified caregiver or nurse?
    Yes, we require all our caregivers and nurses to be qualified and certified with the Ministry of Health. A comprehensive training and refresher course will also be provided at our premise to main a quality level of service.
  • How do I apply?
    Please download the application form at our SUNRISE Home Care main page and email the completed form to Alternatively, you may call us to arrange for an interview.
  • Do I require my own transportation?
    Preferably yes, but we can make arrangements for your transportation if needed.
  • Will I have a safe working environment?
    We care for your safety. This is why before an assignment begins, we will accompany you to pay a visit to the customer's house to ensure that you have a conducive working environment and feel safe while during assignment. You are our business partner in delivering quality home care service to all our customers. Hence, you will also have direct access to our management's contacts should you encounter any difficulties while on assignment.
  • How is the pay like?
    While we cannot divulge your income in a public domain, we can promise you that you will be very well compensated. Home Care comes with a lot of responsibilities as we are dealing with human beings who need your help and assistance during their most fragile moment. We only hire the best, and the best deserve the best pay.
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